пВї ماژول آمپلی فایر +JZ-B5W2 - DW-CT14 استریو 2X5W به همراه بلوتوث - RG_110_000000_000000_14305 | مجتمع الکترونیک ایران میکرو

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  • ماژول آمپلی فایر +JZ-B5W2 - DW-CT14 استریو 2X5W به همراه بلوتوث

1. Support USB sound card, free drive, plug and play (normal lithium battery power supply).
2. This product has its own dual 5W power amplifier circuit, and must not be connected to another amplifier. The outputs of the two amplifiers cannot be connected in parallel, or the negative poles are connected together, otherwise the power amplifier chip is damaged.
3. Two 2-8Ω, 3-10W speakers can be connected separately, and the output is stereo.
4. The maximum working current is 5V2A. It is powered by 5V2A or higher regulated power supply, and the sound quality is better.
5. It is recommended to use a 3.7V lithium battery (lithium battery needs to have a protection board). It has a USB charging port to charge the lithium battery.
6. When the Bluetooth board is installed, the Bluetooth antenna should not be close to the metal parts as much as possible to avoid affecting the transmission distance.

Bluetooth version: 4.2.
Supply Current: 1A
Power Supply Voltage: 5V
Power: 5W
Uses: power amplifier

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ماژول آمپلی فایر +JZ-B5W2 - DW-CT14 استریو 2X5W به همراه بلوتوث

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برچسب ها: ماژول آمپلی فایر +DW-CT14 استریو 2X5W به همراه بلوتوث, RG_110_000000_000000_14305, ماژول های تقویت کننده ، آمپلی فایر و صوتی, JZ-B5W2