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  • ماژول آمپلی فایر صوتی 2X50 وات به همراه بلوتوث و TF-CARD - مدل HW-428

HW-428 TPA3116 2x50W Dual Channel Stereo High Power Digital Audio Power Amplifier Board Amplification DIY Module .Build your own music system with 50 watts of stereo output. TPA3116D HW-428 Dual Channel 120W Digital Power Amplifier Board is newly designed digital audio amplifier board with fine quality is practical to install and use also has good performance. It features high-efficiency class D audio power amplifier with the latest and original TPA3116D core technology the BTL bridge circuit is more efficient than before. This product uses the double power supply transformer with a dynamic power supply range from 12V to 24V with high efficiency small quiescent current. Additionally, it is equipped with Perfect protection functions like overvoltage protection and output current limit.

A strong TPA3116D chip is a digital power amplifier chip, with low idle loss characteristics, makes it work well and quickly.
Onboard, front-facing IC to improve the input sensitivity, high-definition sound quality.
It can be used for car vehicle computer speaker, family audio and video, and empty square.
This product has the characteristics of loud sound, the capacitance is large, excellent sound quality.
There is no solder joint on the back of the circuit board, the chip capacitors, and the solder board together, so there is no possibility of short circuit.

Product : TPA3116D digital amplifier
Product type: HW-428
Amplifier chip: TPA3116D2 * 1
Power supply: DC 12-24V
Current: more than 3A
Power Maximum output: 50w x 2
Channel: two channels
Signal to noise ratio: 100db
Size: 75x70MM
Power supply DC12V-24V 50W * 2
Note: Red is positive and black is negative!
TPA3116 digital power amplifier board, with dual channel, high power, shock volume; The power supply voltage is DC12 26V, 24V is recommended, it also has an operational amplifier function, after the sound source is input, input the board’s TL074C operational amplifier chip to zoom, so that the volume is even more shocking.

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ماژول آمپلی فایر صوتی 2X50 وات به همراه بلوتوث و TF-CARD - مدل HW-428

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